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At the very onset of making a game, the first tassel a developer works with is deciding on which category to work with. I’m sure you’d agree. The gaming market has swelled to making games for everyone. And while you may not be super awesome at a genre, you may be good with a specific audience. The earnings that you make out of it will vouch for the success of your game.

Earning from the gaming business is a timeless walk on the extremes. You could either make too much, or barely anything at all.

The Four-way Pass:

Devise an idea that is remarkably innovative. Making money out of that innovation could be done in one of the four ways:1.      Have a rich marketing budget: Set aside some good money already to market the Game. With multiple opportunities for advertising, and marketing your product at varied platforms; a good marketing budget goes an extra mile in getting you high opportunity for growth.

2.      Top the charts: So these folks that bring the apps to Top Charts at the App Store and Play Store are hard to spot. Keeping with them cordially or coming in sight with a breakthrough idea, gets you on the top charts, and high chartbuster downloads.

3.      Launch in the top trends: If you launch your game in the top trends, it finds itself a good place organically. There’s great chance that your game earns high downloads for some good money and return.

4.      Publisher Agreements: The publishers, who’ve been in the game app business, know the nerve of the industry. If you hold even a trivial doubt about where, when and how to publish your app; get in touch and agreements with these publishers. Let them take care of it.

Enough talking and coming straight on point.

The Kids Games, statistically, is the easiest to approach and highest money yielding category that requires bare minimum marketing and the best outputs from in-app purchases and advertisements.

The riches from Kids Category:

From coloring to car washing, dress up to pet care, kids act like “pests” to in-app purchases. Practically the marshiest ground in game development, the category has the most organic installs and even if there is bare reinvention, your game will still do decently well.

The high grounds for such games are already set and the wheels already made. Combining with suitable ad networks, the kids category of games can work its way best to riches in no span.

Statistical say…

Statistics from the Google App analytics clearly imply of the better functioning apps on the play stores. Here are some clips, so you can make out for yourself how well such games do at the stores.

At our gaming studio, we’ve done a bounty of projects in the kids category that did pretty well. For an initial study, I’ll be looking at the last month’s stats for
Dr. Dentist Little Kids Doctor, published only a couple of months ago.


  1. Total Installs by User

What made us happy here was after just a few of months of publishing, and without a marketing budget, the game reached 119k installs. The app users were wholly reached with an organic approach and to touch a mark like that, without having to spend a fortune or closer, was a clear statement of how apps of the genre are trending and hot picks!


  1. Daily Installs by Users:

The daily user install rate looks pretty fine too.


  1.   Current Installs by UsersCIU
  2. Daily Installs by DeviceDID
  3. Current Installs by Device


Here’s how to succeed with these apps!

  1. Use adept ASO activities:

Give your game a proper ASO treatment (Get them here) and get it easily among the top search results.

  1. Think like a kid when making kids games:

We made a Kids Dress-Up Game with this complete project that targeted little girl’s audience. The project has a simple gameplay, and placed ads at certain places that pulls a kid into in-app purchases. Here, we unlocked some beautiful studded dresses.

So think as if you’re a kid, and what you’d want the most. (Sinful, yet fruitful ;))

  1. The Color and dazzle

As a kid, I loved things with color and dazzle. And at least the kids I come across do too. Giving a kid a game that is strategically designed keeping in mind the fact that kids like stars and colors and décor of all possible means in the game can go a long way in fetching high downloads.

  1. The 1:5 Tally:

Out of every 50 kids playing the game, at least 10 buy in-app. Keep such scores handy and build around the lines toward better app monetization.

  1. Rewarded Videos:

Video advertising is a peat in advertising now. Incorporate short video ads as reward videos in your game. If just watching a video advertisement gives the kid what he wants for his game to go further, then it sounds like a fair deal.

As a developer, Rewarded videos generate higher ECPM that contributes to higher revenue.

For iOS, we recommend you incorporate the Chartboost ad network and for android, we say Unity Ads work the best.

Sounds cool eh?

Sounds cool eh?

  1. Better looking stuff, usually healthier:

Use pretty, but decently mod designs for your game. Incorporate particle effects for an interactive UI, which most positively results in better 5 Star ratings. It’s not even funny how a good rating screen can as well get you a better rating.

While initially, gaming amongst kids was held in the bad light, parents today think of games as something that boosts confidence in their kids and teaches good habits. Educational Games, Coloring Games, Puzzle Games, and Storybooks go a long way in a child’s grooming. They find a virtual friend to themselves at all hours, which is why reviews to such games are almost always good.

Kids are not critics. They always make you happy, at least with the ratings.


Beyond the ordinary marketing side…

Interestingly, reviews, with ratings and feedback, can do wonders in promoting your game. Keep yourself updated with whatever feedback your game is generating to be consistently improvising on the changes and bug fixes.

When we did AARCHER, a very simple yet effective strategy to reviews, we outgrew our existing rating beyond bars. The idea was straightforward. When a two star rating is given to a game, the user is encouraged to drop us an email explaining the troubles and issues as consequential feedback to improve the gameplay. A three or more star rating would only redirect a user to the app page.


aarcher o

Here’s a quick look to why Kids games have an edge on returns for developers.

  1. Quick to launch
  2. Little marketing efforts
  3. Much organic installs
  4. And the best, launching one successful game works like a cobweb for cross-promotion of other apps, to greater than before installs.
  5. Great reviews and ratings


A final word…

If you’re interested in getting started with the kid’s category, at GG you have a multitude of projects available. Take a look for your next big launch in the kids category.

Tell us what you think of this in the comments below. Check out some great projects here, today!



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